31 March 2014

The Wanda Reign Wuhan is officially open

Wanda Hotels & Resorts has officially launched the Wanda Reign Wuhan as of 29 March. Wanda Reign is Wanda Hotels & Resorts' premier luxury hotel brand, and offers a host of private services for its guests.

Source: Wanda Reign website

The "Imperial Welcome" programme offers the use of a Bentley for example, while the "Reign Butler" combines Chinese hospitality with British butler traditions to provide bespoke personal assistant services throughout a guest's stay, including support for schedule management, nutritional advice, and shopping guidance. 

Located in Wuhan's East Lake Scenic Area near shopping and tourist landmarks, the Wanda Reign Wuhan is 30 minutes away by car from Wuhan Tianhe airport and 15 minutes from the Wuhan high-speed railway station.
The Wanda Reign Wuhan features marble and crystal interiors and has 413 rooms and suites. An embossed mural, the focal point in the hotel lobby, draws inspiration from the scenery of Wuhan East Lake, China's biggest urban lake. The 10m high and 60m long wall space is sculpted with white marble, Chinese jade and finished with gold threading. 

The "Bed of Reign" is handcrafted using pure New Zealand wool and US Talalay* latex by experts, while the "Dream Catcher" series is all about comfort. All the rooms and suites feature interactive TV, electronic cats' eyes, smart lighting systems, and automatic toilets. The hotel's presidential suite is embellished with embroidery with gold foil on silk, artistic cloisonne ornaments, and copper artwork. 

The book of Liki* (), a Chinese classic, can be found in every guest room. The book records the oriental charters and regulations as well as rites and morality of ancient Confucian culture. The Wanda Reign is also the first hotel to use Hermes toiletries, which adds further prestige to the whole experience. 

The Wanda Reign Wuhan houses three restaurants featuring different cuisines. An international buffet and a la carte menu is offered at Cafe Reign; Huaiyang cuisine combined with the essence of Cantonese and local dishes is served at the River Drunk Huaiyang Restaurant; and contemporary fusion Japanese and French cuisine is available at He Restaurant. 

The 1,500 sq m pillar-less grand ballroom and seven function rooms are equipped with simultaneous interpretation systems, video conference systems and digital video conference systems. On the top floor of the hotel, Club Reign provides  members with a gathering place to relax. 

Wanda Hotels & Resorts is expanding aggressively. On its calendar are grand openings for the Wanda Realm Guangzhou in May, Wanda Realm Chifeng (Inner Mongolia) in June, Wanda Realm Jinghua and Wanda Realm Jining in July, Wanda Realm Changzhou in August, and the Wanda Vista Lanzhou in October.

"To be a leading global luxury hotel management group in China is our vision. Till the end of 2013, Wanda Hotels & Resorts has built and managed 54 five-star hotels, and expects to expand this number to 100 hotels by 2015. New Wanda Reign hotels will soon open in Shanghai, Chengdu and other international cities. 

"We believe that the three different hotel brands of Wanda Hotels & Resorts will satisfy the needs of different guests and all of them will enjoy consistent hospitality from our heart. As the premier luxury brand hotel in China, the Wanda Reign Wuhan will elevate the hospitality of Wuhan to a higher level," Ilja Poepper, Vice President Sales & Marketing of Wanda Hotels & Resorts said.

*Liki or Liji, also called the Book of Rites, is one of five Chinese classic texts that was used for Confucian education. Confucius lived from 551 to 479 BC.

*Talalay is a manufacturing process for the latex used in mattresses that is said to create a relatively more consistent and supple latex that continues to be bounce back to its original shape after years of use.