22 April 2014

In the UAE, Zakat Fund leverages social media to educate, communicate

In the UAE, the Zakat Fund is reaching out to the public through social media in a bid to increase public awareness of zakat and transparency on the dealings of the Fund.

The authority specialising in collecting money for zakat and charity and spending it on the eight legal channels of zakat deploys Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Google+ to enable the public to follow on-going activities and initiatives and to act as a conduit for queries, notices and complaints, said H.H Abdullah ibn Aqeedah Al Muhairy, Secretary-General of the Zakat Fund.

/zfp/AssetsManager/Images/مبنى الصندوق.jpgH.H. disclosed that January statistics from the Arab IT News Portal stated that about 81% of UAE users use the Internet to log into social networking websites, representing 3 hours and 17 minutes of daily use each. 

Facebook is the most popular social networking platform used in the UAE, followed by Google+, then Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram respectively. The study stated that 74% of UAE users have smartphones, which 38% use for e-shopping and 90% use for searching for local services. 

*Pictures from the Zakat Fund website