30 April 2014

Kickstarter focus: Instant reusable tailored clothing

SiDi Huang of ZipSeam has hit upon a quick and clever way of creating professional-looking, secure and temporary seams in loose clothing so that they fit the wearer better, with no need for sewing machines or tailors. 

Think the modelling industry, hand-me-downs, or just buying something you love but which doesn't fit properly, and you can see why this project has been over-subscribed so much.

Source: Kickstarter. Huang demonstrates 'before' and 'after'.
"Traditional tailoring is often expensive/cost ineffective, time consuming, and commonly permanent. If you were to take needle and thread to cloth, tailoring one shirt would take the average person well upwards of an hour to possibly result in a questionable result. A whole wardrobe? The thought of tailoring my entire closet is horrifyingly daunting," says Huang on his Kickstarter page.

If you know how the bag clips that fold into each other work, then you know the principle of the ZipSeam. While the wearer can feel the seams in place, Huang notes that they are comfortable and flexible enough to allow the wearer to move naturally.

Huang has turned to Kickstarter to help him mass produce the ZipSeam and turn out a polished product. "The tooling will be quite costly," he explains.
US$8 will get a backer a set of two ZipSeams, enough to fold in the two sides of one item of clothing. The first wave of delivery for single, duo and triple packs of ZipSeams are sold out. Huang is now on his second and third wave delivery requests depending on the funding terms.

The request for funding ends on May 18. View the associated video here.