28 April 2014

Mobile real time bidding (RTB) takes centrestage in Asia Pacific region

While the US continues to lead in real-time bidding (RTB) advertising expenditure, the highest regional RTB ad spend in the APAC region is in Australia (35%), India (29%), Indonesia (16%), Thailand (12%) and Japan (8%), reports  Smaato, a global mobile RTB ad exchange (SMX) and supply side platform (SSP).
These results were reported in the Smaato RTB Insights Report for Q1 2014, which analyses worldwide exchange data, auctions, bids and impressions across Smaato’s SMX platform.  

Some of its key findings are:

More advertisers and publishers are leveraging programmatic buying RTB ad spend continues to grow in 2014 and shows an increased advertiser interest in mobile programmatic buying. The aggregated RTB performance on SMX experienced a significant growth in Q1 2014 with uplift of 459% compared to Q1 2013.

Top five markets in Asia Pacific for RTB ad spend
Contribution to mobile ad spend*
Auction uplift** (from Q4 2013 to Q1 2014)

Windows Phone OS supply inventory is ramping up in Q1 2014 The Windows Phone OS RTB market share experienced a worldwide increase of 75% compared to Q4 2013. It now accounts for 15% of the global RTB market share, behind the top OS Android (34%) and iOS (23%). The highest regional uplift of Windows Phone OS market share was in the APAC region with 506% growth compared to Q4 2013.

Entertainment and Technology were the top spending advertiser categories
Entertainment and media still generate highest RTB ad spend with 37% of the total pie, followed by technology and telecom (24%) and business and finance (11%). 

Source: Smaato. Global top spending advertising categories Q1, (Source: SMX Platform)

“As we unveil the results of our newest report, it is great to see the continued growth of RTB ad spend in particular, as we have asserted that RTB has played a significant role in growing mobile advertising on the whole,” said Smaato CEO Ragnar Kruse.

Smaato’s SMX platform helps 76,000+ publishers monetise their inventory across 240+ ad networks and demand side platforms. Click here to download the full report. 

*Percentages of the total ad spend for these five markets.

**Auction uplift refers to the percentage increase in the number of auctions over the specified period.