29 April 2014

World Economic Forum launches first online leadership module for professionals

Registration is now open for the World Economic Forum’s first online leadership module for professionals – Global Information Technology Outlook. Designed for senior executives and accelerated leadership programmes, the six-week online module will provide a 360ยบ perspective on the key emerging technologies that are transforming industry and societal landscapes.

Professor Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, said: “Today, leaders are under increasing pressure to make sense of the complex, volatile and uncertain environment in which they operate. A key reason for this is the pace of technological change. Recognising this need, our inaugural Forum Academy module will help leaders by providing greater contextual awareness of the transformations underway in the area of information technology.”

The Global Information Technology Outlook module is designed to provide participants with a deeper understanding of the key emerging technologies driving change and their impact and draws on a cross-section of over twenty global industry leaders, top practitioners, technology pioneers and leading scientists. Topics discussed include robotics, artificial intelligence, big data and sensor networks.

The module will begin on 17 June through Forum Academy, the online global learning platform of the World Economic Forum which provides continuous leadership development and updating for professionals and organisations to enhance their strategic knowledge in a fast-changing world.

Forum Academy was launched during the Annual Meeting 2014 in partnership with edX, a non-profit initiative for online education created by founding partners Harvard University and MIT. Anant Agarwal, President of edX said: “EdX’s partnership with the World Economic Forum represents a shared goal to enrich the professional and leadership development of leaders around the world using next-generation technologies. We are excited that the Global Information Technology Outlook module is launching and believe that online learning is naturally suited to impart insights into the fast-paced, disruptive and strategic impact of global technology on business and society.”

For further information and to sign up for Forum Academy modules, please visit http://forumacademy.weforum.org