28 May 2014

Kickstarter focus: Sit cross-legged on a CrossChair

Want to sit with your legs up on your office chair? Dave McClintock has created one which allows this. The chair is so versatile, he says it can allow yoga practitioners to perform the sukhasana pose while sitting on it.

"We made this chair for the millions of workers who sit for hours per day and suffer the consequences of fatigue, back pain and stiff muscles," he said. "Sitting cross-legged would help immensely, but it is a difficult or impossible position for many of us – especially in a conventional office chair. The CrossChair makes this new option accessible to all, and allows frequent posture changes to avoid fatigue and reduce back pain."

Source: CrossChair.
Called the CrossChair, McClintock's invention allows both conventional sitting positions and cross-legged seating. The CrossChair seat has various sections which can be swung into place to accommodate different sitting arrangements. See how the chair adjusts on the Kickstarter campaign page.

CrossChairs are available for the early bird price of US$499. A shipping fee of US$100 applies for international orders.

View the associated video here. The Kickstarter campaign ends June 6.