7 May 2014

Kickstarter focus: The standing desk

Need a desk that you can stand comfortably at, but still stay productive? Steven Yu may have the answer. The StandDesk is height-adjustable from 71cm to 114cm and has various design features that allow for the fact that the desk will be adjusted quite often. 
Source: Kickstarter. The all-black StandDesk version.

"StandDesk is more than just a product: it is a step in the right direction to change the lives of people everywhere, for the better," said Yu on his Kickstarter page.
A nifty 'up/down' control button automatically raises or lowers the desk to a desired height, stopping just by tapping the button again. A customised motor balances reliability, power, and price. 

There is an optional integrated cable management tray for power cords, for example, that moves up or down as the desk moves so the wires don't get dislodged.

Yu has thought of everything, and offers the desks in black or white as well as desk surfaces in three colours and various levels of customisation. A pledge of US$399 will get a backer a StandDesk in either gloss grey or matte black with the standard two-button control, plus a laminate top in either midnight black or frosty white, for example. For US$499 backers have the privilege of joining a hackathon where they may design or create new features for the StandDesk, with prizes for the top three designs. Shipping is extra, however.
The funding request ends May 17. View the associated video here.