6 June 2014

Free Windows XP migration tool from CA Technologies

Need to move from Windows XP? Now there's a free tool that can help. CA Desktop Migration Manager (CA DMM) from CA Technologies is designed for the management, upgrade, and maintenance of laptop and desktop systems, and will also migrate a Windows XP machine to a more secure operating system.

“Without ongoing technical support and security updates from Microsoft, Windows XP exposes our customers to vulnerabilities and significant risks,” says Vic Mankotia, VP, Solution Strategy, Asia Pacific & Japan, CA Technologies. “CA DMM—available today—provides our customers with a solution to migrate to modern operating systems to combat these security loopholes, reduce migration time and minimise productivity losses for their employees.”
CA DMM performs the migration—retaining unique bookmarks, address books and even personalised background images—seamlessly, so it's business-as-usual for users without having to reconfigure their systems.

Visit Cloud Commons to access the free CA DMM download.