18 July 2014

Kinetika Xtreme introduces new workout technology for improving fitness

Sukumaran is certified in Italy, and
is one of only two TechnoGym Master Trainers
in Singapore, the other being 
his wife, Santhi Haridass
Losing weight does not mean losing fat. Ghaneswaran Sukumaran, owner of Kinetika Xtreme, a gym at Turf City in Singapore that focuses on movement-based functional training, fears that people are joining gyms without enough due diligence, and beginning with exercises that can do more damage in the long run than good. 

"People believe that losing weight is a good thing, and jogging excessively is the only way to lose body mass and achieve a slim figure. This is a myth, as losing weight might not be losing fat at all. The way to lose fat and tone muscles effectively is not to rely on jogging alone; a combination of cardio and resistance training is required," he said. 

"Dedicated trainers at Kinetika seek to empower their members with the knowledge to better themselves, and guide them through their workouts and track their progress over time."

Here's what Kinetika Xtreme members can look forward to when they join Sukumaran's gym:

Each Kinesis session can hold up to a maximum of eight members. 

Kinesis circuit training offers both cardio and resistance activities. Kinesis utilises Full Gravity Technology allows 360° tri-dimensional movement that provides variable resistance to every movement according to the range and angle of the radius of the action. The Kinesis pulley system allows maximum freedom of movements, and it is not restricted by gravity, unlike traditional weights.

Kinetika Xtreme holds eight sets of Kinesis Class equipment, the largest number of such equipment available in any gym in Singapore. 

TechnoGym-certified trainers from Kinetika Xtreme monitor each of their members closely, and progressively increase the intensity of the exercise while guiding them to minimise injuries, and maximise results. 

Members are tracked by dedicated instructors from day one of their training programme, and trainers will perform measurement of their body statistics; weight, height, body fat and muscle mass, as well as Kinetika’s unique flexibility and balance test known as Vitruvio Testing, allows trainers to tweak the programme based on each member’s body type and individual strengths and weaknesses.

Sukumaran guides a Kinetika Xtreme member with the “Fire” element ARKE exercise.

The ARKE training system is a core-centric training regime that focuses on natural movement. The name is derived from a Greek word meaning 'the origin of things'. The ARKE training system is divided into four categories, named after the natural elements based on the type, energy intensity and the position of use. Earth (green) represents stability and proprioception; air (orange) is for dynamism and reaction time; water (blue) for agility and balance, and fire (red) for adaptability and control.

A trainer conducts cool-down stretches with Kinetika Xtreme members to relax the muscles and prevent injury after 45 minute of intense workout.
Kinetika Xtreme believes that effect training is only effective when proper stretching is done. Each session of training with Kinetika Xtreme ends with proper cool-down stretches so as to prevent injury and relax the muscles after 45 minutes of intense workout. The cool-down stretches are guided by TechnoGym certified trainers, and are specifically designed to target muscle groups that are used during the training session with Kinetika Xtreme. 

*All images courtesy of Kinetika.