26 August 2014

Aptugo creates the web software you want, no training needed

Aptugo, a software tool which helps people with no programming experience to create their own websites, is now in beta* and will be available from 2015, say its developers, also called Aptugo.

"Aptugo will reduce the gap between large and small companies. It doesn't require knowledge of programming at all," emphasised Gaston Gorosterrazu, Head of Aptugo. "At the same time, having some knowledge allows the user to extend what they can do with Aptugo, as it is designed with the idea to empower the user and take him a few levels beyond." 

The Aptugo software is targeted at small business owners and can help them to tailor-make web software such as an online video library. Traditional software development is expensive, may not deliver exactly as conceptualised, and takes months. In contrast, the Aptugo tool guides users into developing their own software, completing it in minutes, the company said. 

Source: Aptugo. The Aptugo software.

Other advantages include:
  • Support for different programming languages 
  • Ability to reuse the basic structure in future projects
  • Optimised for speed: Websites built by Aptugo respond in 40ms to 150ms without expensive hosting infrastructure. The Aptugo website is built on Aptugo, and a reflection of the response times which are possible.

Gorosterrazu said the software should deliver more value than its cost. "It will be 100% free for non-profit organisations of any size," he said.
View a video of how Aptugo works here. In the beta stage, Aptugo is limited to producing web applications in PHP. The ultimate goal is to support the creation of applications for any platform and operating system, Gorosterrazu said.

Existing registered users from Asia Pacific include those from the Philippines, India, Indonesia, and then Australia, Gorosterrazu added.

*Beta software is not fully final, so some features may not yet work as advertised.