11 August 2014

Cowork at a beach resort, make new connections

Startup events and incubation programmes are typically local or held over short periods. The organisers of Coworking Camp are addressing the need to network farther afield for a longer time with an upcoming six-week programme that allows startups and digital nomads to network and develop business opportunities with likeminded individuals at a comfortable pace.

Source: Coworking Camp website.

“Even though new coworking spaces are opening every day, and there is a flurry of startup events and incubation programmes, it is sometimes difficult to make meaningful connections with other startups from different cities. Coworking Camp is specifically designed to let you meet founders that can help you to grow your network and to help each other to reach the next stage in your business. Plus it provides the opportunity to relax and recharge your batteries for a week or two,” says Matthias Zeitler, the Chief Coworker.

Coworking Camp was conceptualised by Romy Sigl, Owner, Coworking Salzburg, and Matthias Zeitler, Founder and CEO of MarkTheGlobe, a global search engine optimisation (SEO) company.

Many of the event formats used at Coworking Camp were invented at Coworking Salzburg. Sigl organised the first Coworking Camp in El Gouna, Egypt in March 2014. Thirty-nine entrepreneurs, startups and makers attended a week of networking and workshops, and the organisers say the outcome exceeded everyone's expectations, with strong relationships built and long-term collaborations begun.

For Coworking Camp Turkey, Coworking Camp provides a temporary coworking space at off-season rates at a five-star resort in Kemer, Turkey, by the beach. Participants may choose to stay the full six weeks from November 3 to December 15, 2014, or for a minimum of a week.

Source: Majesty Mirage Park Resort website.

Events held at Coworking Camp include speed networking, a Showtime presentation session, and group discussions, with ample time to focus on day-to-day work activities. Optional sightseeing activities are available on the weekends. 

Zeitler noted that Middle Eastern and Asian incubators have said that their Founders find Coworking Camp Turkey of interest as they can meet founders from Europe and also because it is easy for them to get a visa for Turkey. "We already have Middle Eastern and Asian startup registrations from Pakistan, UAE, and the Philippines," he said.

A ticket for three weeks costs €350 and includes a coworking membership, access to all events, and a fixed desk at an open desk area at the Majesty Mirage Park Resort.

Hotel accommodation and the cost of travel need to be paid separately. The organisers estimate that it would cost €400 for a week and €1,500 for six weeks for the all-inclusive hotel accommodation and the flight to the Antalya region in Turkey.