14 August 2014

CrowdsUnite provides handy crowdsourcing news in one place

CrowdsUnite aims to be the 'Yelp' of crowdfunding with over 800 crowdfunding platforms in its database. The site offers crowdfunding advice and directs startups to platforms that best suit their needs. 

CrowdsUnite CEO Alex Feldman notes that different sites differ in their functionality, customer service, and transparency. The main issue with crowdfunding, he said, is that it is possible to run a fraudulent campaign and run away with the donors’ money.

Source: CrowdsUnite blog. Feldman introduces
crowdfunding at a July 2014 talk in New York, US.
The CrowdsUnite blog featured an infographic for the top 10 crowdfunding sites in April 2014. Kickstarter, while popular, ranked no. 5 out of 10 and no. 2 only for funding. It was not in the top three for either customer support or ease of use.

CrowdsUnite recently added international crowdfunding platforms to its scope, including Singapore-based Crowdtivate. The company includes a growing number of crowdfunding platforms in Asia in its database.

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