14 August 2014

Hong Kong, Tokyo and Dubai in top 10 for hotel Wi-Fi speeds

Hotelwifitest.com has released rankings for cities by the percentage of hotels with poor Wi-Fi performance. Stockholm was rated highest on satisfaction with hotel Wi-Fi, followed by Hong Kong, and then Amsterdam.

Source: Hotelwifitest.com
The company advises travellers to check the Wi-Fi quality before booking a hotel. The Hotelwifitest website features hotels which have already been tested and also allows visitors to test their upload, download and latency speeds. 

The top three hotels in Singapore, ranked no. 12 for Wi-Fi speeds globally, are the Marina Bay Sands, which offers free Wi-Fi and expected download speeds of 61.5 Mbps, Traders Hotel, which also has free Wi-Fi but at a download speed of 25 Mbps, and V Hotel Lavender, which requires payment for Wi-Fi but offers download speeds of 24.7 Mbps.

Hong Kong, given its no. 2 spot globally, offers faster speeds overall. The top three hotels are the Ovolo with download speeds at 50.5 Mbps, the Pottinger with 34.9 Mbps downloads, and the Ovolo 2 with 30.4 Mbps downloads. All three hotels offer free Wi-Fi.

Rank City           Country              Hotels with poor WiFi (%)
    1    Stockholm      Sweden               4
    2    Hong Kong      Hong Kong            8
    3    Amsterdam      Netherlands          17
    4    Tokyo          Japan                19
    5    Rome           Italy                27
    6    Dubai          United Arab Emirates 29
    7    London         United Kingdom       30
    8    Berlin         Germany              31
    9    San Diego      United States        33
    10   Barcelona      Spain                35
    11   Washington     United States        37
    12   Singapore      Singapore            38
    13   Chicago        United States        38
    14   Vienna         United States        40
    15   Bangkok        Thailand             41
    16   New York       United States        41
    17   Orlando        United States        44
    18   San Francisco  United States        48
    19   Paris          France               53
    20   Las Vegas      United States        57

*A hotel is judged as providing adequate Wi-Fi if it provides an expected download speed of at least 2Mbps. Upload testing, latency testing, and stability feedback have been added to the testing process, and in future all hotels rated as providing adequate Wi-Fi must also feature an upload speed of 1Mbps, latency not exceeding 500ms, and an average stability rating of at least 3 out of 5. The tests did not differentiate between paid and free WiFi.