13 August 2014

Xaxis Prime combats digital ad fraud

Xaxis, one of the world's largest programmatic* advertising platforms, is addressing ad fraud what it says is the ad industry’s first fully programmatic product to guarantee human viewership for advertisers’ digital brand campaigns. 

Xaxis Prime extends beyond pre-bid analysis** and post-campaign blacklisting to dynamically identify and block robot traffic and suspicious sites, the company said. Existing fraud prevention safeguards have been combined with new technologies including a proprietary human verification tool based on internal and partner technology from Adara, Solve Media and Moat.

Types of fraud Xaxis Prime protects against include botnets, ad insertion or redirection, CMS/OS hacking, robots designed to behave like humans and robot retargeting. In addition to helping advertisers, the new product introduces several powerful new tools for Xaxis’ publisher partners to ensure only humans are viewing their inventory. These include proprietary, internal detection processes and integrated third party verification tools. These tools enable Xaxis to provide feedback to publishers on the inventory posing the most risk, allowing them to identify the cause and eradicate it prior to selling to Xaxis or other buyers. 

One way that Xaxis Prime guards against fraud is through tracking genuine visitors through answered captchas, completed transactions or specific human behaviours such as creative engagement and social sharing. These verified visitors are then cross-referenced in the Xaxis data management platform (DMP) against pre-bid impression evaluations and post-bid analysis of traffic metrics to provide an assurance that the traffic is indeed human.

At rollout, Xaxis Prime delivers a no-fraud guarantee across the Xaxis Marketplace. In addition to the proprietary human verification tool, Xaxis Prime guarantees 90% viewability, 95% brand safety and includes ongoing audits of all inventory, pre-bid impression evaluation, post-campaign reporting to validate inventory and audience that was acquired.

“Xaxis Prime represents the next step in our ongoing efforts and investment to combat digital ad fraud and ensure our clients achieve the highest possible real performance,” said Larry Allen, SVP of Business Development at Xaxis. 

“Ad fraud is an international problem impacting both advertisers and publishers. With Xaxis Prime, brands get a simple and powerful guarantee for their digital brand advertising across the top premium publishers.” 

*Programmatic technology allows advertisers to bid for the privilege to display an ad based on various rules, such as the types of viewers or the type of content displayed on a page. 
**Data can be pre-qualified before a bid is placed so that bids on fraudulent inventory are avoided or minimised.