10 September 2014

ACCA to hold Accounting for the Future virtual conference from 15 to 18 September

Source: ACCA website.
Corporate culture, sustainability and global business service models are the burning issues up for discussion at the sixth annual Accounting for the Future global virtual conference, to be held by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), the global body for professional accountants.

Four days of video and audio webcast content, on a range of subject matter involving the future of the accountancy profession, will be streamed live and on-demand for the conference from 15 to 18 September 2014:

15 September 

Risk and culture: how much does corporate culture influence effective risk management and governance? 

16 September 
Investors and reporting: a new reporting framework. 

17 September 
Tomorrow's world: how are changing economies going to impact on finance professionals? 

18 September
The smart finance function: how can finance teams work smarter to become the drivers of success with a business? 

Key highlights to look out for during the conference include a panel on culture and channelling corporate behaviour on the first day. Based on a report to be released in September 2014 in collaboration with UK’s Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), this session looks at recent scandals in the banking sector and at hospitals where the blame has fallen on "poor corporate culture". As a result of this, the Financial Stability Board expects more awareness of risk culture and that boards of financial institutions will be asked to judge their own organisational culture.

On the last day of the conference, a live audio webcast will cover talent transformation in Asia. 
A cross-discipline panel will look at available, established and emerging and converging technologies, and the ways in which they could potentially impact on the profession over the next five to 10 years. They will consider new technologies, their potential impact, the role that accountants can play and new  opportunities that will be created. 

Faye Chua, ACCA's Head of futures research, said: "The finance profession is ever-changing, especially with the rapid advancement in technology we have seen in recent years. We need to keep up-to-date with the changes and see how beneficial they are to our work and to the profession as a whole. Of course everyone wants to be ahead of their competitors too, so this would be another incentive to keep up with change, as well as to build a stronger and sustainable economy."

Register for the conference here. The agenda is here
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