1 September 2014

First Looks: Targus Geo 15.6" Backpack made for long-term reliability and comfort

Source: Targus.
Targus, well known for its laptop cases for business, launched the Geo lifestyle collection in August. According to the company, the collection combines a fresh look with neutral colour tones and inspiring design, and is targeted at the weekend explorer as well as the daily office commuter.

High-quality materials are used for the Geo Collection, including cross-dyed polyester material, patterned lining, soft-touch trims and soft leather-like material accents, says Targus. The engineered stripe that marks the Geo collection is manually screen-printed for a handcrafted look.

The Targus Geo 15.6" Backpack is one of the most versatile members of the Geo Collection. It is a comfortable size, measuring 31 x 15 x 41.5cm, and very light at 0.6 kg. This product comes in 'bone', which is a pleasant neutral colour with a tinge of green.

A rigid base ensures the case can stand on its own. The backpack is designed for comfort, with soft leather-like carry handles and padded shoulder straps. One of the first things an owner will notice is how the leather-like accents run down the outer edge of the backpack straps for added comfort. This was one feature I particularly liked.

The main compartment has semi-rigid walls and is cinched shut and then closed with a hood, making it ideal for securely transporting a laptop or a tablet. 

The main compartment, cinched shut.

Unusually, the closure is secured with an oriental-style toggle and stopper, which makes it look quite stylish compared to the usual snap-in buckles that you see on backpacks today. The main feature of this compartment is the padded laptop pocket inside. 

Two spacious front accessory zipper pockets sit in front, and a narrow horizontal quick access hood pocket, also zipped, at the back for all the items you need at short notice. The zipper coils and brass pulls are electroplated, and the zips all work very smoothly as befits a product from Targus.

The quick access hood pocket also has a convenient key fob for securing keys or a wallet, and being at the back of the backpack, is very discreet. While narrow, it will accommodate smaller smartphones.

Source: Targus. The inner laptop
The Geo 15.6” Backpack is available at a suggested retail price of S$106. Consider this is you are looking for reliability and comfort, and peace of mind while transporting your laptop or tablet.
The key fob, patterned material on the interior, and
part of the padding in the quick access hood pocket.