15 September 2014

Vizury tracks users across different screens to understand them better

A consistent and personalised customer experience is a prerequisite for marketers who are keen to build relationships with users. Ahead of ad:tech TokyoVizury, a digital CRM company, has shared some views on evolving a cross-device targeting strategy.

A true view of a user depends on consolidating data from multiple touch points spread over desktop browsers, mobile websites and apps. Vizury believes that the key to an effective cross-device strategy lies in accurate user identification across devices to understand the user's journey from product view to purchase.

"In markets like China and Japan, where a huge chunk of users are multi-screeners, cross-device targeting is very critical," said Subra Krishnan, VP Product Management at Vizury.

Vizury has been working on a cross-device user identification technique that can unify user data sprinkled across devices and channels. "A very important finding is that users show very different behaviour while researching and buying products of different industries like flight travel and e-commerce. This in turn implies that cross-device targeting techniques that rely on broad audience segmentation will not deliver the best results for advertisers," he added.