2 October 2014

Brewing the perfect office cuppa

Teabox, which offers premium teas from India online, says that different types of tea have to be treated differently. 

"Tea is mostly water, so the quality of water you use makes all the difference. Overboiling the water may cause loss of oxygen and as a result, the flavours don't infuse that well. Oversteeping can also result in loss of flavours and make your tea very bitter," said Kaushal Dugar, CEO, Teabox.

The company has a handy guide to brewing the perfect cup of tea:

Source: Teabox.

Dugar said fans of tea and consider investing in two accessories that help them brew better tea, a tea steeper and a tea timer. Teabox does not stock these items, but they can be found online such as at Amazon.

"Making a cup of tea with loose leaves becomes immensely easier with a tea steeper," Dugar explained. "It lets your tea steep in and filters the leaves as you pour yourself a cup. Cusinart's steepers are pretty good."

Tea timers are essential to ensure that tea is steeped right, he continued. "Kuchenprofi's sand timers are elegant and practical," he added.

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