21 October 2014

Cruelty-free brand Everyday Minerals introduces new eyeshadow range

Everyday Minerals (EM) is committed to finding the purest form of naturally sourced ingredients, and today sells all-natural, completely vegan, cruelty-free products that are handmade in Texas, with eco-friendly, recyclable packaging.

Source: Everyday Minerals blog.

Vegan makeup is makeup that does not use ingredients derived from animals, and which is not tested on animals. Examples of ingredients which come from animals would include lanolin or collagen. Many cosmetics companies now have vegan products or whole vegan lines, or like EM, may be completely vegan. 

EM recently launched a new line of eight neutral shades for the eyes called the “Oh, So Pretty” Collection! According to the EM blog, the palette ranges from white to browns, as well as soft blue and yellow hues, and are designed to mix and match easily.

The eyeshadows are named after inspiring traits. A white, "almost peachy" colour is called She's Charismatic; a denim grayish blue is called She's Complete, while She's Freedom is a bronze medium brown.

There is a sale on (EM ships internationally), with the US$14 eyeshadows going for US$12, and the US$10 eyeshadows going for US$6.50. To see the She’s PowerfulShe’s Desire, and She’s Creative eyeshadows from the Oh, So Pretty collection on a model, visit the blog post here.

For more vegan cosmetic products, visit PETA's suggestions of a dozen vegan makeup products under US$10, here, and Onegreenplanet's list of cruelty-free makeup brands here.