5 October 2014

Fishbat comments on iOS8 developments, Apple Pay

Apple recently released the first beta of iOS 8.1, an upgrade to iOS 8 that followed just a few days after the release of iOS 8.0.2, which itself fixed a bug in the recently-introduced iOS 8.0.1. 

The new beta version includes these features:
  • A newly designed iBooks icon.
  • A new Enable Dictation toggle in the keyboard settings.
  • New permission settings of applications.
  • Larger application icons for new widgets in the notification center.
  • Solutions to issues relating to mail, notifications, & photos.
With all the releases and changes, it's getting pretty hard to keep up, notes Internet marketing firm fishbat.

Apple is expected to be launching Apple Pay on or around October 20. Many believe that will be the launch date of iOS 8.1, the company points out. Apple Pay is expected to change the way users pay for items by using payment technology built into the device, so they no longer need to carry around credit cards. The current 8.0 version has a credit card icon in the Passbook, but lacks functionality, fishbat observed. Rather than abolishing credit card companies completely, Apple Pay will simply store the credit card information in Passbook, in a secure enclave.

Scott Darrohn, COO, fishbat, said: "
Apple's beta process typically takes months, not weeks, therefore it will be interesting to see if the rumours hold value."