7 October 2014

NHN Entertainment monitors mobile ad performance with Criteo's Ad-X Tracking

Criteo, which provides advertising technology, has announced that Korean online and mobile game developer and publisher NHN Entertainment has deployed its in-app measurement solution, AD-X Tracking. 

Source: Toast website. Puzzle Run.

NHN Entertainment's main game service HANGAME was started in 1999 and is known to have the largest user pool among Korean game portals. The company services more than 40 PC games across various genres, including casual, web board, role playing game (RPG), first person shooter (FPS), sports and functional games.

The company is expanding into the mobile business with a global game brand, TOAST. It has launched more than 30 mobile games so far, including Fish Island, Wooparoo Mountain, and Guardian Stone. LINE POP and LINE Dozer, launched via LINE, hit the no. 1 spot on Apple’s App Store across 11 countries.

The deployment has enhanced NHN Entertainment’s in-app advertising offerings, providing the company with data for deeper analysis and enabling it to make more informed decisions and optimise mobile advertising spend.

With AD-X Tracking, NHN Entertainment can track the results of their campaign performance on smartphones and tablets across more than 550 integrated ad networks globally. AD-X Tracking’s comprehensive attribution and user life-time-value* (LTV) solution provides marketers with intelligence about which sources deliver the most engaged and relevant users, allowing them to monitor number of clicks, installs and other in-app actions, and also access up-to-the-minute metrics regarding mobile app usage and engagement.

NHN Entertainment has used AD-X Tracking since June 2014, and is currently using the measurement solution on four gaming titles – Dragon Friends, Wooparoo Mountain, Zombie Virus and Puzzle Run – across iOS and Android platforms. The company plans to roll out AD-X Tracking on a global scale, bringing AD-X to more than 20 additional gaming applications.

*A marketing concept that estimates how much a customer will spend with a brand in the long term.