17 November 2014

Hotdesk and Compass offer temporary workspaces in Asia Pacific

Hotdesk has partnered with Compass Offices to offer casual flexible work and meeting spaces to mobile workers that can be booked by the day, week and month.

According to research by IDC, there will be 1.3 billion mobile workers in the world by 2015, over 838 million of whom will be in Asia Pacific.

"Finding a desk, a chair and an Internet connection while on the road can be difficult, short of setting up in a cafe, which may be good for an hour or two, but is hardly professional or conducive to working from for an entire day or week. Don't even think about running a large meeting from a cafe," said Hotdesk Founder Steve Glaveski

"Hotdesk offers people the opportunity to not only access flexible workspaces on the go across Asia but also network, collaborate, be part of a community and build valuable relationships that can help to accelerate the achievement of professional goals." 

Source: Hotdesk website.
Hotdesk is a marketplace for temporary office space, allowing people who need a desk to get in touch with providers of available space. Glaveski said that the partnership allows Hotdesk customers to book spaces at Compass by the day or week. "Whether in Sydney, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Dubai or even Almaty in Kazakhstan, Compass and Hotdesk have you covered," he said.

Hong Kong-based Compass has 29 locations, including in the UAE.