17 November 2014

HP Touchpoint Manager has a promotion price for the first six months

HP has announced HP Touchpoint Manager, a cloud-based solution designed specifically for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) to manage their IT environments more quickly and effectively.

IT management has become increasingly complex with 
a very diverse infrastructure to be managed, which can include phones, tablets, PCs and workstations; Android, iOS, Windows operating systems; devices provided by the company, or devices brought in from home. 

HP Touchpoint Manager offers SMBs a one-stop IT management application to keep devices operational, data secure, and IT staff more productive. It is versatile enough to manage most operating systems such as iOS, Android and Windows, as well as a range of devices and form factors.

IT administrators get a simple, web-based dashboard that enables a comprehensive level of  IT support to:
  • Monitor the inventory and health of devices
  • Remotely lock and wipe devices to help prevent unauthorised access to company data in the event of device loss or theft
  • Automatically apply security and policy settings
  • Communicate proactive alerts so IT administrators can quickly troubleshoot and prevent employee and device down-time, in the event of potential hard drive failures, security holes or battery failures for example
  • Perform password and pin resets
  • Enable IT management from the office or on-the-go
If the company uses HP devices, HP Touchpoint Manager can provide additional insights into hardware health and device warranty information. 

Offered through per user, per month subscription, HP Touchpoint Manager provides SMBs with more predictable IT costs and flexibility to accommodate changes in their business needs. The Basic version of HP Touchpoint Manager is currently free for the first six months, while the Pro version is available at a 50% discount for the same promotional period. SMBs can sign up here.