28 November 2014

Lenovo launches new workstations, Tiny all-in-one

The Lenovo TiO has a Tiny desktop computer (left) which slots into the back of a 23" monitor (right). Both items can be used separately, or together.
Lenovo has launched workstations and a 'Tiny-in-one' (TiO) in its final major product launch for 2014. 

The new workstations at the left.

“Building upon the advancements that we delivered in the recently launched P300 workstation, we listened to an extensive amount of customer feedback, and have crafted the newest additions to the P Series of ThinkStations to take users to new heights of performance, dependability and usability,” said Jessie Quek, Country General Manager, Lenovo Singapore.

The Lenovo ThinkStation P500, P700 and P900 are professional-grade desktop workstations, with space-saving designs as well as energy-efficient features. The latest Intel Xeon processors provide computing horsepower, while NVIDIA Quadro graphics cards carry out the visualisation work.

The P Series ThinkStations feature modular designs that let users upgrade critical components such as the motherboard and power supply without the need for tools. The machines have a FLEX Bay designed to support an optical drive or the FLEX Module, which can be used to support an ultraslim optical drive, a media card reader, or Firewire (IEEE 1394). At the same time, professionals can increase functionality without sacrificing rear PCIe slots by using a mezzanine card that connects to the motherboard – allowing for support for SATA/SAS/PCIe storage and advanced RAID solutions. 

Lenovo ThinkStation workstations stay cool with a patented tri-channel cooling architecture. Three hot-pluggable fans are situated at three different levels of the workstation for more effective cooling.

Lenovo’s new ThinkCentre TiO 23 modular All-in-One (AIO) gives businesses the flexibility to mix-and-match a 23" AIO experience with all current ThinkCentre Tiny PCs (sold separately). Unlike classic AIO computers which have the monitor and the computer integrated tightly together, the TiO is powered by a detachable ThinkCentre Tiny PC that locks into the back of the monitor through a simple tool-less process. This hybrid configuration allows users to configure their AiO with the computing performance to match their needs. When the time comes to upgrade or service the system, users simply replace the old Tiny PC and are back at work in less than two minutes.

Quek said the TiO "radicalises the way that businesses think about IT refresh cycles and costs of ownership.” She pointed out that the Tiny PCs are convenient and literally quite tiny, being just "four golf balls by three golfballs" in size, and weighing approximately the same as a 1 litre bottle of Evian water. 

The TiO has a 23" FHD display, front-access USB 3.0 audio ports, an optional optical disc drive (ODD) and an ergonomic stand that allows for tilt and height adjustment. A single standard Lenovo power adapter is used for both the monitor and the Tiny PC. As the system is VESA compatible, users have the flexibility to deploy it on a variety of VESA-compatible mounts, stands, and brackets. 

The Tiny-in-One also offers enhanced physical security for the Tiny PC with an advanced locking mechanism that secures Tiny and the Tiny-in-One’s optional ODD module inside the system when a Kensington cable lock is attached.

The Lenovo ThinkStation P500, P700 and P900 will start from S$1,100, S$2,500 and S$3,200 respectively. The ThinkCentre Tiny-in-One monitor has a starting price of S$449, and the ThinkCentre Tiny-in-One (bundled with the ThinkCentre M53) will start from S$749.