27 November 2014

Personalised gifts are much more meaningful: Joanne Peh

Recently-wed celebrity couple Joanne Peh and Qi Yu Wu shared how chocolate had figured in their history together when they headlined the launch of Ferrero's first Southeast Asia boutique, Pasticceria Ferrero. 

The Mediacorp stars were at the boutique outside Wisma Atria along Orchard Road in Singapore last evening.

"I used to eat it layer by layer as in the TV commercial," said the Singaporean actress of the classic Ferrero Rocher praline. She used to buy Ferrero Rocher at Chinese new year for the gold packaging, she shared. Gold coloured items symbolise prosperity during the Chinese new year period, while round items symbolise completeness.

Peh recounted a time before they were married, when they were both at work. She remembered that Qi had snacks in his bag and some had melted from the heat. He took out a whole chocolate out of his bag for himself, then offered her a melted one before asking if she would prefer the whole chocolate. 

Qi shared that he had never given her chocolate as a formal gift. "Today might be the first time," he said, explaining that to him, giving chocolate to someone is not done lightly. 

Peh added that personalised gifts can be very meaningful. "What do I want to convey with the choice of chocolates? Knowing your friend and the effort that you put into it - it's that which means so much more," she said.

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