24 November 2014

New W&R range is both art and functional

Kebony has announced that Drew Wahlberg Rosskelly has used kebony wood for its new W&R range. Inspired by experience, culture and natural elements, the W&R pieces are meant to be art pieces as well as functional tableware. 
Source: Kebony. The W&R range.

The designs are inspired by the creation of culinary experiences and are conceived in collaboration with food innovators. Evocative of nature, the smooth rounded edges and warm toned Kebony wood combine to create pieces which provide the user with a strong sensory experience. The spoon was the first custom designed item in collaboration with the world’s most innovative food professionals at NOMA*.

Sets can be purchased exclusively from Wahl&Ross design workshop at www.wahlross.dk.

Kebony wood is a sustainable alternative to tropical hardwood. The Kebony technology is a patented, environmentally friendly process which enhances the properties of non-durable wood species to give them similar characteristics to the best performing woods. 

*Michelin-starred NOMA Restaurant in Copenhagen, Denmark, is considered one of the world's best restaurants.