14 January 2015

Bosign expands tech collection

Bosign, a privately owned Swedish company that specialises in the design, patenting, and manufacturing of high quality, affordable Scandinavian lifestyle products, has launched a number of tech accessories for mobile device owners.

The key feature of the new iPad Carrying Sleeve are its camouflaged leather fold-up handles, which provide an alternative way to carry the iPad. The iPad Carrying Sleeve, measuring 28cm (W) by 21cm (H) by 1.2cm (D), is made from felt to protect the iPad from scratches and dust. 

The sleeve body is padded to protect the iPad against light impact damage. There is room for a charger and small items too. The sleeve is available in a wide range of colours, including dark blue with dark grey and a mix of turquoise, grey and chestnut.

The soft and adjustable Tabletpillow 2, the latest addition to Bosign’s Surfpillow range, is an improved version of the original Tabletpillow. Bosign’s Tabletpillow can be placed on any surface for safe, comfortable tablet use. The pillow is filled with micro spherical beads to adjust to various working angles.

Two extra inner pockets serve as a protective sleeve for the tablet and provide ideal storage for memory sticks, chargers, and pens. The pillowcase is made of water-repellent, washable material, and covered in an anti-slip silicon print that grasps hard, uneven or soft surfaces and holds the tablet in place. 

The Tabletpillow 2 is available in black, lime, turquoise, wine red and chocolate brown together with black accents. It measures 27cm (W) by 9.5cm (H) by 22cm (D).

Bosign also launched its Hideaway cable organiser in white. The easy-clean, fireproof Hideaway is available in the medium size (30cm (W) by 13.5cm (H) by 18cm (D). It is designed to hide the cables for electronic equipment and provide a single place for all chargers.

All products are available through the Visceral Goods online store, which offers free shipping for Singapore and charges affordable shipping rates for international orders.

*All images from Bosign.