14 January 2015

Mercer and Saville Consulting to provide global leadership solutions

Consulting companies Mercer and Saville Consulting will work together to provide sophisticated leadership assessment and development tools to corporate clients operating in increasingly complex, cross-border markets.
The two companies have signed a formal agreement in response to growing demand from corporates in emerging markets for tools that help them accurately predict the future effectiveness of their senior leaders in a rapidly changing, global context.

For the first time, companies will be able to conduct standardised, global leadership assessment in multiple languages that specifically address the needs of today’s business environment.

Together, Mercer and Saville Consulting will deliver a suite of leadership solutions. In particular, they will launch a Global Leadership Profile Tool, which brings together Saville’s psychometric testing with Mercer’s insight into how companies can develop global leadership capabilities among senior executives.

Mercer predicts that developing a truly global leadership capability will continue to become even more critical in sustaining economic success and competitive advantage across growth markets.

“Mercer’s research and experience with large corporate companies around the world demonstrates an ever-increasing need for leaders with a global mindset and an understanding of cultural and geographical sensitivities. This is now a must have for modern businesses. Traditional leadership competencies are no longer enough,” said Kate Bravery, Partner and Leadership & Organisational Performance Practice Leader, Growth Markets for Mercer.