19 January 2015

Buoyant jobs market in Hong Kong for 2015

Recruitment specialist REED has launched the REED 2015 Salary Survey and Market Insight report, which reveals that 78% of Hong Kong employees enjoyed a pay increase in the past 12 months. The insights for Hong Kong are part of a global release of the report, which is available for 14 countries throughout Asia, Australia, Europe and the Middle East.

According to the company, Hong Kong will continue to attract significant levels of foreign investment, fuelling expansion and a buoyant jobs market in 2015. Bright spots include the financial, digital marketing, e-commerce and sales & marketing sectors. 
At the same time, increased government activity, particularly for infrastructure, has fuelled growth in the property and construction jobs market. 

"From the data collect as part of the survey, the market outlook for 2015 seems very positive with many companies having the confidence to expand in the year ahead," said by Nick Fenn, the REED Country Manager for Hong Kong.

Demand for 
high-calibre candidates continues to outstrip supply however:

  • Seven in ten (72%) of employees claim to be currently seeking a new role 
  • Almost half (48%) of employees have changed employment between four and six times 
  • About seven in 20 (36%) move roles to advance careers 
  • Two thirds (65%) are using job sites online to find roles 

"Candidates are as usual in short supply so it will remain a competitive marketplace for firms to attract and retain talent - in addition to pay and career development they also need to focus on training and development, branding, vision and culture," Fenn said.

Read the REED 2015 Salary and Market Insight report here.