8 January 2015

Have laptop, Internet and headset, will travel

Jabra, a company which provides headsets, headphones, speakers and speakerphones, notes that employees working anywhere and anytime will be the norm in 2015.

According to Mark Leigh, President, Asia Pacific, Jabra, 35% of the workers today are mobile and this percentage is expected to shoot up to 75% by 2017. "The traditional office has been replaced with a laptop, Internet connection and headset, enabling the employee to work wherever they can get online," he said.

This technology has enabled employees to work easily whether they are on business travel or even make a lifestyle choice to be based in a different geographical location. "Employers have to provide a more flexible work environment for employees so they can be productive no matter what zone they’re in," Leigh said.

Even if the employee does not travel and goes to the office every day, globalisation has meant that workers may have conference calls at any time of the day, including taking calls from home. "By ensuring that the last 3 feet of communication is of top quality, knowledge workers can be assured that they can take their office anywhere they go," he added.