9 February 2015

Euromonitor segments audiences into seven consumer types

Euromonitor’s Survey team has developed seven global consumer types from its Global Consumer Trends survey*: the Undaunted Striver, Impulsive Spender, Balanced Optimist, Aspiring Struggler, Conservative Homebody, Independent Skeptic and Secure Traditionalist.

Source: Euromonitor
Each consumer type has distinct preferences and habits even if there share similar demographics. For example, the relatively young Impulsive Spender believes, “life is hectic but exciting” and is social, indulgent and friend focused. On the other hand, Independent Skeptics, also categorised under 'young consumer', “live life on their own terms” and are unconventional, skeptical, and indifferent. These types illustrate key differences between consumer segments that would not emerge if brands focused solely on broad demographic profiling.

The white paper explores personality traits and buying behaviours of the different consumer types, focusing on their shopping habits, technology use, health and diet and green attitudes. Undaunted Strivers are avid social media users; 42% frequently post new content on social media. At the other extreme, Secure Traditionalists shun new forms of technology; only 11% are active social media users.

“Consumer segmentation beyond demographics, and these seven global consumer types in particular provide a strong starting point for businesses crafting marketing campaigns and strategic messaging,” says Euromonitor Survey Analyst Lisa Holmes. “For instance, Aspiring Strugglers care deeply about how others perceive them, yet do not have the budget to buy the latest items. This makes them a lucrative target for brands and retailers offering affordable versions of on-trend products.”

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*The survey captures personality traits, preferences and buying behaviors of more than 16,000 online consumers globally.