8 February 2015

itSeez3D updates 3D scanner app for iPad

Source: itSeez3D page on the App Store.

ItSeez3D, a mobile scanning software maker, has updated to its 3D scanner application, also called itSeez3D. Designed to work with the Occipital Structure Sensor 3D sensor for mobile devices, itSeez3D now allows the iPad to create realistic full-body models from 3D scans.

The updated app provides a convenient tool for the 3D printing industry, allowing for the scanning of a colour figurine model in less than two minutes. A new option allows scanning of textures at more than 50% higher resolution.

The iPad app basically works with the Structure Sensor to collect 3D data of a scanned object, using the iPad's RGB camera as an additional source to collect images from multiple viewpoints. It then reconstructs the object's shape online to provide visual feedback and guide the user through the scanning process. Once scanning is complete, the app sends all data over to the cloud, where an algorithm stitches 3D point clouds and RGB images from multiple viewpoints into a single colour 3D model that is then sent back to the iPad. This model can be printed with a colour 3D printer.

According to Victor Erukhimov, CEO, itSeez, there is demand for 3D printing from industries that create figurines, virtual clothing and medical applications, including scanning for plastic surgery.

"itSeez3D provides a fast and easy way to capture a very realistic colour model of a human body," Erukhimov said. "We have invested a lot of thinking into making our cloud service convenient for integration with 3D printing and other practical use cases. We also believe there is a lot of potential for full body scanning in the entertainment industry. Eventually, 3D photos will become as essential as 2D photos are today."

The new version of the itSeez3D app is available for download in the App Store. The app is free for non-commercial use, while businesses are charged per printed model. Comments as of early February note that the scanner does not seem to work with the iPad Air 2.