4 February 2015

Job Forward launches Startup Essence referral tool for startups, SMEs

Source: Job Forward.

Job Forward, Singapore’s first online social recruitment platform, has launched Startup Essence, a new tool to its referral-driven online recruitment platform that empowers startups and SMEs to create recruitment pages to attract and engage talent. Job Forward aims to establish a new channel for startups and SMEs to reach out to the perfect fit for their company culture.

With the goal to disrupt the traditional recruitment process, Job Forward wants to redefine the way that companies seek out and engage new hires. According to the Manpower Group’s survey in 2014, 36% of employers are having difficulties finding candidates to fill open positions*, with particular issues faced by the startup community such as a limited network to tap for finding talent**. Job Forward aims to solve this hiring issue by addressing an obstacle that is oftentimes overlooked—the importance that company culture plays into attracting passionate talent.

Startup Essence is a new tool provided by Job Forward that allows startups and SMEs to create a customisable, visually impactful company recruitment website that showcases key characteristics of the company to increase the appeal of the company to potential new hires, and to make it more easy for new hires to discern the chemistry that might pull them to one company over another.

“After over ten years of global experience in the HR industry, I have come across companies struggling with the same problem again and again,” says Yoshiaki Ieda, CEO, Job Forward. “The team at Job Forward is very excited to introduce a game changer to online recruitment—to not only integrate social media and online recruitment, but also to introduce a solution for companies that are struggling to engage with the right pool of talent.”