31 March 2015

Brief Lab launches online certification programme

The Brief Lab, an institute that helps professionals gain mastery as lean communicators, celebrates its first anniversary with a new website and the launch of its first online certification programme, Brief Practitioner

Source: The Brief Lab website.

The Brief Practitioner curriculum is for professionals who want to join the "less-is-more" movement by becoming certified in a systematic approach to becoming lean communicators. The online course is designed for individuals who want to be change agents, spreading the methodology throughout their organisations. 

Buried in information and barraged by non-stop interruptions, the company says attention spans have dropped to 8 seconds. "Brevity requires three skills: awareness, discipline and decisiveness," said Joe McCormack, MD of The Brief Lab and author of Brief. "The Brief Practitioner curriculum is actionable, and participants will notice an immediate difference in their ability to communicate clearly and concisely." 

 The Brief Lab offers several workshops based upon the book, Brief:Make a Bigger Impact by Saying Less, released in February 2014. It is being translated into several languages including Russian, Chinese, Korean, Arabic and Turkish. "We're gaining momentum and growing our registered community every day," McCormack said. "Professionals are realising that this is an essential skill that everyone needs to master."