27 March 2015

HelloTalk language learning app passes 1 million downloads

Source: HelloTalk app page
at the Play Store.
Social language learning mobile app developer HelloTalk has announced its iOS and Android language learning app, also called HelloTalk, has surpassed 1 million registered global users. 

The HelloTalk app is unique in that users teach each other their respective native languages across their mobile and tablet devices. HelloTalk also provides a variety of mechanisms whereby users can engage in real-time practice of the language they're learning with native speakers of that language.

HelloTalk's more than one million users hail from over 200 countries around the world, with 59% learning English, 9% learning Korean, 8% learning Japanese, 5% learning Spanish, 4% learning Chinese, and 15% learning a variety of other languages including French, Italian, Finnish, Russian, Arabic, German, and more. HelloTalk supports over 100 languages, which includes Navajo and Esperanto.

HelloTalk is a platform where users learn and practice languages and share culture with people around the world. With HelloTalk, you pick the language you want to learn, and instantaneously you're learning and practicing with native speakers of that language. HelloTalk isn't a course the user strictly follows; rather, they learn at a pace that best meets the way they learn. HelloTalk makes the process of learning a new language faster and more intuitive. 

Said Zackery Ngai, Founder and CEO of HelloTalk: "We're excited for HelloTalk's continued user base growth, and we look forward to HelloTalk supporting even more languages in the future. People have come to realise it's much easier learning a new language when they do so, and practice with, native language speakers in real-time, at their own pace. The HelloTalk experience is so much more natural and engaging than that provided by other language learning solutions."

HelloTalk is available for the iPhone and iPad here and at the Play Store here.