26 March 2015

Discounted gym classes in Melbourne with this new website

Just as there are discounts for last-minute flight and hotel bookings, cheaper gym classes can also be had at the last minute. 

A new website called FILLMYCLASS has been launched in Melbourne, Australia to match fitness enthusiasts with available class spaces in nearby gyms and studios.

"It's all about flexibility," says FILLMYCLASS founder Daniel Waide. "The goal is to get more people moving, and being able to pick and choose classes that suit you at any gym or studio means you're more likely to get active and stay active.

"FILLMYCLASS gives people the chance to attend classes without the intimidation of a lengthy membership, or the inconvenience of limited locations. You might want to attend yoga at a lunchtime studio near work, do a Pilates class on your way home, and meet a friend for a cycle class near a cafe on the weekend.

"This site means you're not limited by the geography or timetable of a single gym and for fitness locations it's a great opportunity to get people in the door, to try new fitness options and get comfortable with classes and instructors."

Fitness locations see how FILLMYCLASS can help them. "We're running these classes already and the atmosphere is always more fun when we have full classes and new people," says Clare Gioules, Head of Projects and Innovation for Goodlife Health Clubs.

FILLMYCLASS.com.au is up and running now, and offering limited free classes until the end of March 2015. Book a class here; no membership is required.