5 March 2015

Plantronics launches new audio devices for communications, collaboration

Plantronics has announced new unified communications (UC) audio devices designed to deliver audio quality and noise management technology to help people effectively communicate and collaborate, regardless of workplace or location. 

Source: Plantronics. The
Blackwire 725.
"Everywhere is the new workplace. We know office noise is increasingly becoming a concern due to more open working environments that promote collaboration, but workplace noise isn't just a problem for those in the office," said Bill Loewenthal, VP, enterprise product solutions, Plantronics. 

"You can't always control your environment and you certainly can't control your caller's environment, so we help ensure workers have solutions they need to block out the noise, allowing them to have a high-quality communication experience wherever their workplace is." 

"There's been increasing emphasis on the importance of a reliable, high-quality, seamless user experience when communicating and collaborating today, and rightly so," said Rich Costello, Senior Research Analyst, unified communications, IDC. "The new Plantronics offerings not only address these important requirements, but also the surrounding noise factor on both sides of the call." 

Source: Plantronics. The Calisto
The shift to open office environments and hot desks creates new noise challenges for individuals and their colleagues which can often undermine productivity gains. 

The following solutions address the inherent ambient noise challenges and potential audio quality concerns associated with today's smarter working scenarios and environments: 

The Blackwire 725 is the company's first UC stereo headset with active noise cancelling. It combines wideband audio, digital signal processing and a noise cancelling microphone in a corded option that is ideal for managing PC calls and listening to multimedia.

Source: Plantronics. The
Voyager UC
Bluetooth headset.
The Voyager Edge UC is a new addition to the Voyager family of Bluetooth headsets and comes with its own portable charging case. It boasts signature Plantronics audio technology that eliminates background noise and automatically answers calls once it is placed on the ear. The solution includes a small Bluetooth USB dongle that provides seamless wideband audio to a laptop. 

Source :Plantronics. The
Clarity 340.
The Calisto 610 is a corded portable speakerphone for instant anywhere conferencing. The USB speakerphone allows users to create on-the-go conference calls for small groups of people. It enables workers to hear remote participants with high-quality, omni-directional audio, in an easy-to-carry form factor that integrates easily with a softphone of their choice, all at the price of a basic speakerphone. A carrying case is included. 

The Clarity 340 is designed for those who face vision, hearing, or dexterity challenges. The handset-style phone features amplified sound, an easy-to-read screen, large buttons for dialing, and crisp audio. 

All four products are available in March from authorised Plantronics distributors. Manufacturer's suggested retail prices are US$179.95 for the Blackwire 725; US$199.95 for the Voyager Edge UC; US$99.95 for the Calisto 610, and for the Clarity 340, US$149.95.