14 April 2015

Lulu Yasmine is coming to Singapore's shopthemag.com

Source: shopthemag.com.

Bali brand Lulu Yasmine, known for its use of delicate fabrics like lace, silk and chiffon, will be available to Singapore shoppers through fashion retailer SHOPTHEMAG in May 2015.

Corinne Ng, Director, SHOPTHEMAG, explained that a test Lulu Yasmine collection had done very well last season. "Climate-wise, Bali is similar to Singapore, so the collections are relevant for Singaporean women. Plus, Singaporean women generally like comfort and relaxed styles, so this brand suits them to a tee,” she said.

Lulu Yasmine's Creative Designer, Luiza Chang, has a Brazilian mother and a British-Chinese father. Chang was brought up in Europe as a child and has lived in Asia for over 15 years. Lulu Yasmine reflects Chang's diverse cultural background – every collection boasts a strong nomadic theme and a spirit of adventure.