12 April 2015

Smartphone makers trying different go-to-market strategies to differentiate themselves in India

Source: Zinnov website.

Go-to-market strategies are changing for smartphone vendors in India as competition heats up, says Zinnov, a management consultancy. In India Smartphone Market: Witnessing Exponential Growth, Zinnov says local vendors are facing stiff competition from Chinese vendors. Xiaomi recently surpassed all other brands in the sale of 4G LTE smartphones, while Micromax is threatening the dominance of Samsung. 

Smartphone vendors are trying to differentiate by retailing exclusively online (Motorola on Flipkart for instance), building experience centres to facilitate tje customer experience, such as the 100 centres planned by Xiaomi in India, or investing in a brick and mortar model, as with the 250 retail stores planned by Gionee.

The study also notes that smartphones now part of the way consumers shop as they can be used to conduct research about a product anytime and anywhere. This behaviour has been noticed by e-commerce companies, which are increasing their focus on mobile commerce.

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