20 April 2015

Sunway's Resort Cafe offers breakfast to dinner options for business dining

Source: Sunway.

Located at the lobby level of the five-star Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa, the new 362-seater Resort Cafe celebrates the cultural influences of Malaysia's Malay, Chinese and Indian communities.

The 17,588 sq ft restaurant features eight main themes: the Monumental Fruit and Salad Towers, Malay Archipelago (dishes from Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia), Indo-Chine (dishes from Thailand and Vietnam), Oriental Far East (dishes from Japan, Korea and China), Spices of India (dishes from India), Mirage of the Gulf (dishes from the Middle East), Best from the West (Western comfort food, grills, rotisserie and churrasco) and desserts. Over 60 dishes from seven different menus rotate daily, while ala carte selections feature over 50 signature dishes.

The octagonal towers for 
greens and fruits are a first of their kind in a Malaysia restaurant. The displays have blowers circulating 10°C cold mist over the food, keeping it fresh and appetising for a longer time. 

The Resort Cafe is open daily from 6am to 11pm. For reservations, call +60 3 7495 2009 or visit www.sunwayhotels.com.