20 April 2015

Sophos just made securing corporate information on mobile devices easier

Source: Sophos website.

Sophos has introduced Sophos Mobile Control 5 (SMC 5), a tool that separates personal and corporate information and ensures that the corporate information is secure.

Typically, each device (laptop, tablet, iPad or smartphone) has to be configured, updated and managed individually. With SMC 5, IT managers only have to set the rules for each user once to manage the security of corporate content stored on the device or in a personal cloud. 

Dan Schiappa, SVP and GM of Sophos’ Enduser Security Group, said: “With more workers choosing to use their personal devices for business, IT managers have been faced with the complexity of managing corporate security, and adhering personal data privacy laws. Managing upwards of four devices per user brings considerable risk into the business, and unnecessarily diverts precious IT resource. By focusing on the user permissions, and with remote management and self-service capability, SMC 5 sets a new standard for usability and simplicity.” 

“IT administrators need to secure and manage all the various devices employees use today to get work done - smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops, but most management tools still treat these devices separately,” says Chris Hazelton, Research Director, Enterprise Mobility at 451 Research. 

“For small to medium-sized businesses, the ability reduce the number of management consoles can significantly streamline the onboarding process for IT departments that don’t have specialised staff. With the goal of enabling bring your own device (BYOD) with simplicity and secure productivity, enterprise mobile management (EMM) solutions must enable all forms of mobile computing. This means managing and securing devices, content, and applications with a user-centric approach that delivers the simplest experience for both users and administrators.”