3 April 2015

Taking the guesswork out of analytics with BeyondCore Apps for Office

Source: BeyondCore website.

BeyondCore has launched BeyondCore Apps for Office, which it says is the world's first single-click automated analysis solution for the popular business productivity suite. The company has observed that analytics talent is scarce even though business users need access to fast, accurate, dynamic analysis in order to make confident, data-driven decisions to increase revenue, reduce costs, and improve processes.

"Analytics today is fundamentally a manual hunting process. The onus is on the user to ask the right questions, conduct the necessary statistical tests, interpret the graphs correctly, and take the most impactful actions. BeyondCore eliminates this heavy burden," BeyondCore CEO and Founder Arijit Sengupta said. "It reduces the risk of human errors and the distracting 'data noise' that could send you down a very wrong path."
With single-click analysis and detailed story-based explanations of insights directly integrated into the familiar Office suite, BeyondCore Apps for Office empowers business users to:
  • Analyse data without the need to formulate sophisticated questions or design complex queries 
  • Cut through the clutter to identify and act on the most relevant, statistically-sound patterns 
  • Visualise, understand, interpret, share, and act on the results

"With BeyondCore Apps for Office, advanced analytics couldn't possibly be any easier," said Sengupta. "Just as Microsoft has empowered users to do more than they ever thought possible with data processing, word processing and presentation design through Excel, Word and PowerPoint, BeyondCore Apps for Office is adding automated analysis to that list of powerful and user-friendly experiences."

"We're excited to see the BeyondCore Apps for Office. It's a great example of our modern extensibility model and for delivering advanced analytics in Office, helping people to do more with their data by turning it into insights and understanding," said Kirk Koenigsbauer, Corporate VP, Microsoft for the Office 365 Client Apps and Services team.

With BeyondCore Apps for Office, the Smart Pattern Discovery feature evaluates thousands of variable combinations, helping to identify insights, confirm statistical validity and create easy-to-understand stories explaining the results, all within minutes.

Results are presented as a PowerPoint presentation or a Word document, complete with speaker notes and narrative to explain each graph. BeyondCore also recommends optional insights that users can add to the document with a single click. They can also specify exactly which graphs they want to add, and BeyondCore automatically applies the same statistical rigour and generates a narrative explanation for the specified graph. 

BeyondCore's technology is based on eight years of research and two years of development, backed by 10 issued and more than a dozen pending patents. BeyondCore says its software has been used by 21 Fortune 100 companies and has been cited by Gartner, McKinsey and others for its approach to empowering business users with analytics.

Click here to see an online demonstration of BeyondCore Apps for Office, and here to find out more.