4 May 2015

Parallels turns Raspberry Pi computers into Windows PCs

Source: Parallels. A Raspberry Pi computer, attached to a monitor, keyboard and mouse, running Windows and Excel through Parallels 2X RAS.

Parallels, a cross-platform solutions provider, has recognised the popularity of the Raspberry Pi with technology that transforms the low-cost device into a complete workstation running business software. 

For the first time since Raspberry Pi’s launch in 2012, users can use any application 'remotely' with Parallels 2X Remote Application Server (RAS). A RAS basically takes mouse and keyboard information from a workstation or other device, sends it to a more powerful computer for processing, and then updates the screen of the device. The processing generally occurs off the device and on the more powerful computer, or remotely, but is fast enough that the device appears to be doing the processing on the spot.

Parallels 2X RAS already delivers applications to any device, including Chromebook notebook computers, Windows PCs, Mac computers, Linux workstations, Android and iOS devices, the Windows Phone, and HTML5 browsers. 

Said Parallels 2X Marketing Director Giorgio Bonuccelli: “With more than five million units shipped since its 2012 launch, Raspberry Pi is the new kid on the IT block, but the use of this small and revolutionary device has been limited to Linux and web applications so far. Parallels 2X RAS offers the unique opportunity to deliver corporate Windows applications and remote desktops on this low-cost, credit card-sized computer.”