15 May 2015

PowerDot muscle stimulator arrives in Singapore

Leader Radio Technologies, a distributor of innovative communication and IT products in Asia Pacific, has launched what it says is the world’s first wearable connected muscle stimulator in Singapore.

The PowerDot wearable is tiny and can be worn under clothing.

Developed by Singapore company Smartmissimo Technologies, PowerDot uses electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), mimicking nerve impulses to engage muscles during a workout. The Bluetooth-ready wearable can be controlled from a smartphone, and promises to painlessly enhance stamina, endurance and muscle tone even during office hours.

Priced at S$239, the PowerDot can be used to repair and prepare the body for intensity workouts, say its designers. Alex Pisarev, founder of PowerDot says: “Muscle stimulators have been around for a while now but PowerDot is a huge game changer as it provides accessiblity and ease of use by tapping into the everyday resource of a smartphone.

"PowerDot isn’t a one-fit-all muscle stimulator but it offers training programmes that deliver custom power-packed workout routines to athletes and sports enthusiasts of any level. Whether it’s a speedy recovery for sprinters or resistance building for gymnists, athletes in various sports can take advantage of PowerDot to boost their sports performance and improve results.” 

PowerDot is Bluetooth-enabled and is controlled from an iOS or Android smartphone.

PowerDot is available at Challenger, Courts, Epicenter, Newstead Technologies and selected retailers in Singapore.

*Images from Leader Radio Technologies.