17 May 2015

Travelauto offers special monthly deal for car rentals in Dubai

Source: Travelauto.com website.

Car rental marketplace Travelauto.com has a summer promotion* for monthly car rentals in Dubai. The Nissan Micra is available at AED1,450 per month and a brand new Toyota Yaris at AED 1,685 per month. 

Travelauto.com Marketing Manger Yuvaraj Rajendran said Toyota Yaris and Nissan Micra have emerged as some of the most economical cars on the road and reducing the monthly rental prices will make it easier for long term car renters to choose to rent them. 

"These are the best deals in the market today and travelauto.com is committed to ensure that travellers are able to access fuel-efficient cars at the lowest prices in Dubai," he said, pointing out that new licence holders in Dubai may rent cars in Dubai from Travelauto.com. 

“We always seek ways to improve our car rental services thus giving our customers something to smile about. Our aim is to ensure that travellers can go about their business without worrying about the high cost of car hire while at the same time maintaining a very high standard of services; this is what these unbeatable prices are all about,” said Chandra Mouli, CEO, Travelauto.com. 

“Customers are welcome to check the daily and weekly car rental rates which are pre-discounted to offer the best savings to the customers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. This kind of offer will be coming up more on Travelauto for many more locations.” 

*Depending on the availability of the specified car models.