8 June 2015

IamThirsty.com.sg announces 10,000 training courses on its portal

Training portal IamThirsty.com.sg has surpassed 10,000 courses on its listings. Since its launch in February, IamThirsty.com.sg has grown 25%* terms of its portfolio. The number is expected to grow exponentially this year following the announcement of the SkillsFuture initiative by the Singapore government.

IamThirsty.com.sg has also succeeded in engaging its daily online traffic to remain on its portal for an average of 23 minutes, in contrast to competitors, which average traffic engagement of 3 minutes.

Winnie Khoo, Founder and CEO of IamThirsty.com.sg said, “In an increasingly competitive and tech-savvy city like ours, constant upgrading and learning is a necessity to maintain our value. Knowledge has become an invaluable asset and we aim to simplify the process for one to make informed decisions about their knowledge investments.”

IamThirsty.com.sg aggregates training courses available in Singapore from 500 different institutions, which it says makes it Singapore’s largest portal dedicated to training courses. Users can browse categories such as business, technology, people, health, creative, and building, with over 55 different areas of study.

Khoo said, “Based on my past experience in managing human resources for a leading property classifieds site, I discovered that it was difficult to find fair opinions, feedback or ratings in the search for training courses. Also, trainers and institutes should no longer solely rely on traditional tools to offer courses in Singapore’s tech-savvy society. Digital is the next obvious step and IamThirsty.com.sg provides that one-stop platform.”

Need background?

Read the WorkSmart Asia blog post on the SkillsFuture announcement.

*All traffic statistics are taken from SimilarWeb.