8 June 2015

Four tips for balancing work and play on a smartphone

Source: Microsoft. View the full infographic.

As smartphones are increasingly used for both work and personal life, creating a balance can be challenging. Smartphones such as Microsoft's Lumia 640 and 640 XL include a subscription to Office 365, for example.

Working with Microsoft, Dr Mark Batey, Organizational Psychologist at the UK-based Manchester Business School, has provided top tips for getting this balance right:

1. Be ready when inspiration strikes
“Use a note-taking app on your mobile to capture your brilliant ideas whenever, wherever they strike,” he says.

2. Commute smart
“Tackle smaller, simpler tasks on your commute, clearing the way for you to attack the big jobs when you reach the office,” Dr Batey suggests.

3. Keep your cool
Dr Batey recommends doing some things offline. “If you’re faced with an angry message or sensitive issue, try to handle this in person or at least on the phone,” he says.

4. Prioritise sleep and your partner
“Don’t get sucked into email before bed. Your responses will be better thought-out in the morning,” he adds.

Dr Batey's suggestions are available in infographic form. Interested?

View the full infographic and other tips for work-life balance