7 June 2015

Sally Hansen's new Miracle Gel Top Coat plumps nails, sets in natural light

Source: Coty.

Sally Hansen has developed a new plumping Miracle Gel Top Coat. When partnered with the Miracle Gel shades, the new Miracle Gel Top Coat volumises as it protects. The Top Coat formula delivers twice the volume, creating fuller-looking nails with mirror finish.

According to the Coty brand, two thin coats of Miracle Gel colour should be applied to clean, bare nails, after which one coat of the new Miracle Gel Top Coat should be applied. Natural light does the rest - there is no UV/LED treatment required to 'set' the top coat, and it will last up to 14 days. Further, only regular nail polish remover is needed.

To coincide with the release of the new top coat, Sally Hansen will launch 20 new colours of Miracle Gel in the US, all available starting in July. Miracle Gel is available in 20 colours in Singapore.


View the launch video

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