20 July 2015

Dabur Herb'l Sensitive Toothpaste to address tooth demineralisation in Middle East

Source: Dabur International.

Dabur International has launched the Dabur Herb’l Sensitive Toothpaste in the Middle East. The new ‘sensitive’ variant is fortified with natural ingredients such as cinnamon, mint and licorice root along with potassium ions to provide instant and long-lasting relief from tooth sensitivity. 

According to the company, brushing twice a day with Dabur Herb’l Sensitive Toothpaste not only provides instant relief from sensitivity, but also strengthens gums and prevents the formation of plaque, gum inflammation, and tooth decay, ensuring fresh breath.

Abhinav Kumar, Group Product Manager, Dabur International, said: “A study has revealed that tooth sensitivity has emerged as a common oral problem in the Middle East. However, many people are not aware that it is a dental problem and therefore do not undertake measures to treat it. Realising the need for a highly effective ‘sensitive’ toothpaste that can provide relief from the first use, Dabur International has introduced Dabur Herb’l Sensitive Toothpaste in the Middle East. Its natural formula is proven to provide sensitivity protection from the first use by acting against demineralisation."