21 July 2015

Unlock leadership potential with a new tool from Hogan Assessment Systems and Sirota

On July 30th, Dr Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, CEO of Hogan Assessment Systems, a pioneer of personality profiling and psychometric testing, will take the stage at the Oasia Hotel Singapore alongside Lewis Garrad, Managing Director Asia Pacific at Sirota, a performance consulting specialist to provide a sneak peek of a new, jointly-developed employee assessment model.

The Engaging Leader tool will be released in the Asia Pacific market in October 2015 to help companies and brands better unlock hidden leadership potential. 

“The issue of poor managers is something that has plagued Asian businesses for too long, and an end-to-end solution is necessary to fix this complex problem. While Hogan’s expertise lies in profiling individual managers and developing selection systems, Sirota surveys and assesses organisational climate to help encourage more effective leadership practices. Considering less than 60% of employees in Singapore feel their company is effectively managed and well-run, combining our expertise is a no-brainer to address the local leadership problem,” says Lewis Garrad, Managing Director, Sirota Asia Pacific.